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i dont need a boyfriend i need 12 million dollars and a donut 

12 million dollars can be used to obtain many donuts.

explain how

money can be exchanged for goods and services

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“who could scroll past this” me

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dont fucking shame people for not reading for pleasure

some people have concentration-issues

some people have other hobbies

and some people just dont fucking like reading alright

shut the fuck up and sit down

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Louis knows about beauty; the combination of qualities that pleases the aesthetic senses. He creates that combination every day in the garments he designs while studying fashion at uni. The cut of the design, the color of the fabric, the intricacy of the stitching; it all comes together to create something beautiful. When the science student with the long legs and dimpled smile agrees to model for him, Louis decides he’s found beauty personified. Harry just thinks Louis needs someone to show him how beautiful he is.

By tothemoonmydear

Chaptered, WIP

Notes: Please be aware there are eating disorder triggers in this. Other than that, this is an absolutely wonderful fic. -Z


my problem with louis is that he has a nice accent and he says witty things in that accent and he calls people “love” and “darling” and his hands and collarbones are amazing and he’s curvy even though he’s slender and his voice is so soft and sweet and raspy and it’s all a bit ???

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my life is just one big ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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